The Heart Of
Selling Your Home

How we sell homes has changed. It is both emotional and logical. And, your real estate experience will be more than selling your house. Your journey begins with us getting to know you – your story, your goals, your vision for your future. 

Make your home shine

We will introduce you to the experts who can ensure that when potential Buyers view your home it will show off it’s best features online and in person. How we live in our home and how we sell our home may be different. Buyers need to visualize themselves living in the house effortlessly.

Great experience

We wish to bring you the highest level of customer care. And, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Every decision (and action) we make is rooted in your long-term best interests. That’s where our integrity comes from. Every. Single. Day.

Custom marketing

Every marketing piece is professionally designed to showcase the essence of living in the home. Every detail counts. The magic is visually connecting with Buyers. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Their reaction and experience will be emotional. And, we understand the psychology attached to that moment.


The Evolution of
Selling Your Home

During our pre-sale consultation we will determine a specific path to prepare your home, create a custom marketing plan that strategically goes well beyond most other Realtors offerings – including content, photography, 3D and videography direction, staging and styling, digital strategy, targeted marketing , print social media and events. We’re about the details. Because we’ve found that planning and preparation go a long way for you to have a smooth selling experience from Day 1. When the time comes to put your house on the market, we will strategically price your home and then negotiate the best terms for you. It is art and science. And, once we sell your house, our relationship is designed to continue. Our clients often become friends. And, our friends are often our clients.

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Stress Free
Home Preparation

Once we’ve determined when you wish to sell your house, we will be pleased to co-ordinate the execution of tasks that will prepare your property for sale – working with a network of exceptional professionals. Our network is your network.  Selling your home is hard work. We don’t deny that. We are happy to partner with our industry’s best staging consultants, movers, contractors, roofers, plumbers, and more,  and we will arrange staging and styling that best suits your property. Preparing your home for sale  will pay off!


Lifestyle Videos

Our job is to ensure that potential Buyers see your house! Our videos are professionally filmed and edited to tell the unique story of your home. We are talking about art and science. This is not your run-of-the-mill virtual tour.  While most Agents will promise “listing videos” what they intend to provide is a standard animated slideshow or virtual tour made up of your property photos. We spend the money to do it right! The story of your house needs to be told with heart and an eye for the details.  And, we love helping prospective Buyers dream. Every second of video counts as we connect with them emotionally. Our videos are designed to reel Buyers in and garner the highest and best price for you.

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Professional Photography
+ 3D Tours

96% of Buyers start their property search online. Helping Buyers to distinguish your home from all the others in a split second means captivating Buyer’s attention. Photos have to stop them in their tracks. Set your house apart. Creative, professional photography is our standard. All images are shot at high resolution and are always unfiltered. Your house isn’t a Tinder date. We want to attract people to your today house so they can imagine their future together. If you desire, we’ll also produce a panoramic 3D tour for the main rooms of your property. This is a dynamic way to give depth and perspective to your home, allowing buyers to imagine living here.

retargeted content

Online Advertising
Sophisticated and Targeted

Listing your house on the Multiple Listing Service and is not enough. In fact, it’s limited and limiting based on the number of photos and words used in the description section. Even in a Seller’s market, we can and do do better to maximize your listing exposure. Our digital strategy is top-of-the line. And, our digital team has a rich history in using up-to-date sophisticated online marketing and social media tools to target, track and convert potential Buyers who are viewing the property from anywhere reached on the world wide web. We determine the profile of your potential Buyer (demographic) and run targeted online campaigns (geo-graphic). In fact, we hyper-focus our ads so they are in front of prospective Buyers multiple times using a host of far-reaching search engines. We use the industry’s best systems that includes campaigns for Coming Soon, retargeting ad campaigns, global targeted and segmented email blasts to our Realtor partners and past clients Just Listed and Open Houses. We focus far. We focus near. Our expectations for selling your home by capturing the market’s attention digitally are very high.

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Our clients

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web 2.0 & 3.0 presence

Dedicated Property Page On

Our listings are showcased on individual property pages within our website which allows us to capture potential Buyers and share your listing details across multiple online platforms. Using large-scale high definition professional photos and adding highlights such as floor plans, property features, custom videos and virtual 3D Tours allows potential Buyers the opportunity to “walk through the property” from their computer we maximize exposure of your property. We are obsessed with having as many people see your property as possible in order to help you sell your home for top dollar.

graphic design

Custom Print
Marketing By Design

We inspire Buyers. A successful sale relies heavily on how we prepare and stage your home. Our customized print marketing pieces are designed specifically for each property. Professional Graphic Designers create consistent, polished and modern flyers, Open Houses cards and more.

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full access

Our Network Will Get
Your Property Exposed

The Austin real estate market is fast-paced and attracts people from around the globe. We are committed to getting the word out about your property sale. Your property will be exposed to our global Realtor partners and potential Buyers across the globe!


Our rapidly growing network of Buyer contacts will receive online marketing about your listing. We’re here to generate a winning sale for you any month of the year. Qualified Buyers are buying homes 364 days a year (New Years Day is a rest). Prudent Buyers are ready when you’re ready to list your home.

Austin Realtor Network

We have curated an exceptional list of Austin Realtors who have Buyers purchasing at various price points and neighborhoods. This list is an opportunity for our Sellers to be exposed purposefully to Realtors who have pre-qualified Buyers. Scope.


In addition to the local eXp company network of 700+ Austin-centric Realtors and our worldwide company network, we pride ourselves in being connected with a global network of exceptional Realtors who have clients or friends moving to the Austin area.


Open Houses Driving People To Your Property With Purpose

Our Open Houses are specifically determined based on your property type and location in order to create local buzz and interest in your property. Our sales and marketing strategy is designed with one thing in mind: to sell your property for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of stress. We create experiences worth talking about for our clients.

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Our Team
Cares About You

We live and breathe real estate marketing, sales, and client service. We believe that our clients deserve the very best experience from the time we meet until, well, forever. We aim for a seamless client experience and winning results. Your success is our success. You’re not about the status quo. And, neither are we. By design.

Meet The Team

We live and breathe real estate and have a lot of fun doing so.

your next chapter

Close and Celebrate

We’ll be with you every step of the way working with the Title Company, Inspectors, additional trades and Lenders to ensure the closing of your home goes smoothly. Then we celebrate!

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Are you buying too?

Learn about the experience of buying your future dream home with the Jennifer S. Goodman Group. Acquiring a home is a process. And, we take the time to understand what your perfect home is.

What are buyers willing to pay
for your home?

Several factors help us in determining what Buyers are willing to pay for your property. A Zestimate or whatever your neighbor says the other neighbor sold for a month ago are not your answer.