The Best Yoga Studios in Austin

If you’re looking to de-stress or improve your flexibility, Yoga is a great place to start. Choose one of these yoga studios based on your needs and experience level.

Best places in Austin

If you’re looking to de-stress or improve your flexibility, Yoga is a great place to start. Choose one of these yoga studios based on your needs and experience level.

Yoga offers incredible benefits and has become wildly popular in Austin over the past several years. There are so many yoga studios around town, where you can practice with other yogis in a safe, calming environment.

If you’re new to yoga and don’t know where to start, yin yoga is relatively slow, steady, and can be considered less intensive than a style like hot yoga. Vinyasa yoga is an excellent exercise for athletes since it improves balance, strength, and flexibility. Prenatal yoga is perfect for expecting mothers because it helps expand your breath and improve flexibility through pelvic floor movements. Other styles of yoga include Bikram (or hot yoga), Kundalini, restorative, and Hatha. It’s important to choose the style of yoga that suits your body’s needs and these yoga studios in Austin are a great place to start.

Practice Yoga Austin

Start your discipline with yin and vinyasa flows at Practice Yoga in East Austin. This studio opens early and closes late, with several classes at convenient times throughout the day all week long. Can’t make a class at your usual time? No problem! Just pop into another class when you do have time. Practice Yoga also hosts studio workshops and special events throughout the week, so you always have time to get your practice in.

Black Swan Yoga

Offering a series of flow yoga classes for all levels, Black Swan Yoga is a great place for beginners to start their practice. Explore special event classes like Family Yoga or Gong Meditation to try something new or to expand your practice. If you’re more comfortable staying home, Black Swan also offers a free online trial for access to over 500 different yoga videos from their studio instructors. 


“Playful, spiritual, and visceral” is the approach at BFREE Yoga, where you can take full-length classes in a modernized yin style. Though many yoga studios in Austin boast yoga retreats, theirs are reportedly out of this world. If you’re ready to commit to your practice, consider one of their blissful excursions to a number of beautiful places. In addition to in-person classes, BFREE Yoga also offers a digital studio, so you can continue your practice at home.

Yoga East Austin

Yoga East Austin is a popular destination for yogis who like a challenge. Their 1,500-square-foot yoga classroom surrounds you with mirrors, so you can adjust your body according to each pose. Yoga East Austin specializes in Bikram, Mysore Ashtanga, Forrest Yoga, and Rocket Yoga, all varying in levels of intensity. If you’re ready to take on a yoga training course, try their Rocket Yoga Training, which explores Rocket Yoga through the lens of Ashtanga over two daily classes for several months.

PURE Yoga Texas

PURE Yoga has locations all over Austin, including a new one right downtown that’s perfect for UT students. Specializing in Bikram, hot yoga, HIIT fusion, ashtanga, and something called Inferno Hot Pilates, PURE Yoga students can attend any class throughout the day. Those who are new to the studio can purchase a 10-day unlimited class package for just $40. Once you’re ready for a yoga retreat, PURE Yoga Texas will hook you up with a trip to Bali.

Sanctuary Yoga

Accurate in name, Sanctuary Yoga is a literal hidden oasis on South Congress Ave and one of the prettiest yoga studios in Austin. Sanctuary Yoga hosts a series of vinyasa classes both inside and outside of their gorgeous studio, plus hiking trips through the Greenbelt with a yoga session in nature. Private classes are always available to those who want to work with a yoga instructor one-on-one.

Sukha Yoga Austin

Sukha Yoga caters to all levels of yoga practice, whether you’re ready for power flow or just want to take it slow, but it best caters to the experienced. Explore the spiritual side of yoga with classes like Monthly Gong Meditation and take your practice to the next level on one of their yoga retreats. If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a yoga instructor, attend their 200-hour teacher training to learn chanting, breathwork, and meditation instruction.

Dharma Yoga

Serious yogis should consider visiting one of the more spiritually focused yoga studios in Austin: Dharma Yoga. Students of Dharma Yoga practice mindfulness and relaxation through hatha yoga with a Buddhist lens. Hatha yoga incorporates a flow of focus on the breath, body, and mind all at the same time. Prepare for a possibly transformative experience when you take a yoga class at Dharma Yoga.

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