Seniors Are You Over-Housed?

At the end of the day, you can start that new life you’re passionate about, meet that new person in your life, and move forward with a renewed lease on life and your future.

Thinking about selling your family home of 20+ years because of personal reasons?  Maybe your kids are grown or your spouse passed away or your passion is just plain waning because you know this is your time to experience the beauty of your senior years and that big house full of memories no longer feels like that place you want to call “home”.  Maybe you want to go to law school, get a second degree, travel the world, take courses, read more books, do less house chores.

Maybe you feel like you would like to have a long-term relationship  or have started a new relationship now that your spouse is gone. Yet, everything about your house reminds you about your beloved who passed away months or years ago. You can’t move forward with a new romantic relationship and you feel stifled because your spouse “still lives there” in so many ways.

 Is the day-to-day reality that you are not using your yard, the whole house, tired of cleaning, schlepping up and down stairs with laundry? Is the house emotional, physical and financial upkeep? 

 You haven’t updated your home in years and you don’t want to.  Not many people want to or know where to start tackling house updates let alone renovations and why bother when it’s just you and you’re only living in part(s) of the house anyway?  Maybe it’s time to sell and move on with your whole life but it doesn’t seem ‘that easy’.

There are a lot of moving parts when we think about it. And, at the root of it all is your happiness, independence and what you deem to be practical for your life and how you will live your remaining  years.

Family Considerations

Maybe your grown up kids are putting pressure on you to keep the house because they are still attached to memories, have “stuff” stored, (hopefully they’re not still living with you in their 40’s), still grieving their parent, etc., and selling the house now doesn’t seem right (for them). Maybe they’re concerned about you selling and spending their inheritance (I won’t go there). Staying doesn’t seem right for you anymore. The distinction is “you” in that last sentence in case you missed it.

What do you do? You may have parental guilt and regardless of their opinions, you have a life, you want a new life. Your  home life does not meet your future dreams.  And, you’re weighing the pros and cons about moving on and selling.  You’re looking ahead at what is next for you. Your family’s personal layers need to be peeled back. You need what you need and you’re reaching a big decision or maybe you’ve reached a decision. It’s your time.

You want to downsize with a place that “feels like me” and suits your life needs today. Maybe your kids don’t see it- it’s not about them, it’s about you. And, you’re responsible to your life story, for moving forward emotionally and financially.


if you are  feeling “over housed” you likely need help getting your home For Sale market ready and sold to free up equity (all of those unused rooms are worth a lot to someone else).  You want to take on that dream and fund it with the sale of your home.

At the end of the day, you can start that new life you’re passionate about, meet that new person in your life, and move forward with a renewed lease on life and your future. That spark is there waiting to be ignited. Remember, it’s never about four walls. It’s about living your life to it’s fullest.

As an Accredited Seniors Agent, I’m here with a team of people who are here to help. We have a network across cities and provinces for that matter. You have choices. You have dreams.

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