I’ve moved my real estate business to REAL Brokerage

So, I did a thing – I've moved my real estate business to REAL Brokerage, and I couldn't be more thrilled about this new chapter in my career.
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So, I did a thing – I’ve moved my real estate business to REAL Brokerage, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this new chapter in my career.

I’m absolutely buzzing about this move! And, since I’ve been focused on my business not talking about my business – it took me a minute to make this announcement. I want to fill you in on why I made this move because as I always say real estate “is never about four walls.” and that goes for my Clients homes and their experiences working together and behind the scenes working in the hallowed walls of top brokerages that I’ve had the honor of calling “home” since I started my real estate career with what feels like the blink of an eye 13+ years ago. And, it’s been anything but a straight line to get to today. I have drifted beyond real estate, taken time off for health reasons (twice) – stories for another day – all to get me to this magical place called REAL Brokerage.

First off, it’s all about integrity, trust and relationships for me. Always has been. I am that partner and have sought out those partners who mirror my values. I believe the phrase is “Fail forward. Fail fast.” 

At REAL Brokerage, it’s about building rock-solid connections based on trust and transparency. It’s never been about selling homes; it’s about making sure that I’m in a place that I feel heard, understood, and totally taken care of every step of the way as a REALTOR® by those I am in partnership with… just as I create the same experiences for my international Clients.

Plus, REAL Brokerage knows how to walk the talk. They’ve got this knack for gathering up Realtors who eat, breathe and sleep the company ethos of “Work hard. Be kind.” while delivering awesome Client experiences and consistently building even more credibility. 

And, can we talk about staying ahead of the curve? With the real estate world changing faster than you can say “sold” (which isn’t always so fast in this market) it’s never been more crucial to stay in the know. 

In addition, with the luxury division launching this year, staying on top of market trends and continuously refining my approach to marketing properties in today’s competitive real estate landscape, I’m at the forefront of industry developments, providing you with the most up-to-date insights, strategies and proven processes to sell and buy homes. This aligns perfectly with my own values and ensures that everyone I’m in relationship with receives nothing but the best in terms of service and results.

So, here’s to new beginnings, endless possibilities, and plenty of happy homeowners in the making. 

Thanks for being a part of my journey. I look forward to serving you and those you love around the world. 

Check out my new website in the works: https://jennifersgoodman.com

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