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Million Dollar Listing Must Do’s

Welcome to behind the scenes. I am at a multi-million dollar property here in Barton Creek, one of Austin’s highest and most valued neighborhoods.

If you are thinking about selling your home there are some things you have to do in this market Sellers. Because it is tough. It is competitive. Welcome to behind the scenes. I am at a multi-million dollar property here in Barton Creek, one of Austin’s highest and most valued neighborhoods. There’s not a lot for sale here… ever. And, someone is going to get incredibly lucky with this house becoming their new home! These homeowners are serious about selling. They are not sparing any expense getting the house For Sale Ready. And, that’s what is required in today’s market.

Million Dollar Listing Must Do’s

Curb Appeal

From the moment somebody enters your home, they are looking for what might be right and they are definitely going to see what might be wrong. Before we even walk into the door of this home… those things matter

Fresh Paint

Fresh paint when you walk into a house and you feel the difference of every wall being absolutely spectacular. There will not be a scuff on this house. We are doing baseboards and trim and we are thinking about dog hair and we are thinking about kids and we are thinking about all of the things. So number one, curb appeal matters. We are painting this entire house. You know what it’s cream! Guess what? It’s clean, it’s bright, and it’s going to make somebody very happy when they walk in to this home. Let’s go check out what’s going on here in the back yard. You can see right behind me is this spectacular pool and check it out.

Power Washing

We are going to power wash this entire property. Do not get lazy! It is worth every cent when somebody walks into a home and they see that it hasn’t been power washed.1. Power Wash Your Window Screens
You know what screens are glorious, especially this time of year here in Austin, Texas where it is finally cooling off. Can I get an amen to that? And, you know what else? It looks like crap when you’re showing the house and the screens are on. We want the light to come in. So, you are going to power wash your windows and you are going to remove those screens. Absolutely essential. And, when I say power wash, I don’t just mean power wash bits and pieces. I mean all around the house. We are going to go up and down.2. Power Wash Your Driveway, Patio and Deck Areas
We’re going to do the driveway we are going to do all along the side of the house here. And, we are absolutely going to power wash the entire deck around the house. last consideration isn’t this market is competitive. How you pay for these things – we can discuss.  I have a program that can help you pay for repairs and upgrades and the payment will be made with proceeds from the sale of your home. No out of pocket upfront costs.


So, that said, we have weather here in Austin. And guess what happens? We have wrought iron what happens to wrought iron when it meets the elements? It, wait for it. It rots. Imagine going to inspect your multi-million dollar house where you’re going to live with your family. And consider all of the things that need to be done to upkeep this house. It’s a lot.

Move In Ready

What if you could move in and there was nothing to do? The floors are pristine. The paint is done. The screens are removed. The light is bright. We have power-washed everything. We have replaced the old, rotted, wrought iron.

This is the first in our series of Seller Multi-Million Dollar To Do’s for Getting Your Home For Sale Ready.  Stay tuned for more!

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