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In today’s changing real estate market, we want you to know exactly what Buyers are willing to pay for your home. There are so many online services that promise to give you a home valuation within seconds – they’re based on algorithms and are rarely accurate because there are several factors that help us in determining what Buyers are willing to pay for your property. We don’t want you to receive a number generated by an algorithm. When you answer a few quick questions, a real human backed by local market knowledge and accurate MLS sold data (and more) will get back to you with that price! This is about your financial wealth. We’re not playing around.

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With our access to sold properties near your home, knowledge of the current market and your home’s unique features, we’ll calculate an estimated home value in real time. The real estate market is fluid and last week’s value may differ based on the most recent market data. We are data driven because that will offer you accurate information. And, you deserve as much.


We’ll send you an accurate home value report as soon as possible. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon, knowing today’s value can help you plan for the future.

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Find out what Buyers are willing to pay

How is your home value estimate different from a Zestimate and other online services?

We’re real live humans. Our home value reports are researched thoroughly and made possible by local expertise married with years of experience.

Online estimates based on algorithms are not valid replacements. Algorithms are what you’ll receive from an online estimator like Zillow, OpenDoor, Redfin. What you want is a valid Comparative Market Analysis from a Real Estate Agent.  In fact Zillow’s website says (we can’t make this up)  “We encourage buyers, sellers, and homeowners to supplement Zillow’s information by doing other research such as getting a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a real estate agent”.  So many people believe that the price they offer is the real value and that’s a shame. Read on.

Texas is a non-disclosure state. That means Zillow Zestimates and any other algorithms producing a “home value” are based on an algorithm (not the actual sold price data and certainly without local market knowledge). Real humans, like us, understand the importance of providing you with a CMA in real time which means we are comparing homes in the same area and several other factors that can and will increase or decrease that CMA number … that are not included in a computer generated  “algorithm.”

How does Zillow calculate my home's value?

“We use proprietary automated valuation models that apply advanced algorithms to analyze our data to identify relationships within a specific geographic area, between this home-related data and actual sales prices.”

Huh? We understand that an “instant” home value is appealing. Just like 1980’s instant coffee was appealing back in the day.  Here’s the thing: Instant does not mean accurate. And, it may leave a bad taste in your mouth (like bitter or burnt – and we don’t want you to get burned). When we’re determining the value of  your home, accuracy matters more than speed. This property is potentially your largest investment – human capital is everything when determining your home and property value. If it didn’t matter, Zillow wouldn’t have lost hundreds of millions of dollars with their iBuyer program and then shut it down. But, we digress…

Wondering how we determine your home's value?

No two homes are exactly alike. That’s why we ask a lot of questions prior to estimating your home’s value. We consider how much neighboring homes have sold for, what pending neighborhood homes may have sold for, unique features of your home or property, the surrounding geographic area, school zones, proximity to lifestyle and professional considerations and many more factors. Once we consider and weigh what these look like, we research further, including checking the condition of your home, taking into consideration any updates you’ve made and how that may make your home worth more than other neighbor’s. Did we mention that this is done by a human and not a computer?  Algorithms are available at the push of a button. An accurate Comparative Market Analysis requires human knowledge, expertise and some time. Because, the estimated financial return on the sale of your home counts. So, we’re not leaving that up to algorithms if you really really want to know.

Are you hoping to create a bidding war?

Here’s a secret that may seem counter-intuitive: More offers will come in earlier when a house is priced right for the market and is more likely to create competition thus resulting in the highest offer possible. 

If you over-price and wait longer, even in a Seller’s Market, the longer your home is listed For Sale, the less likely it will sell for asking price (or above). 

Why? This is not an auction system where a bidding price is set and offers go up over time. Your home is a highly prized commodity. It is not a rare 10 carat yellow diamond. When over-priced and sitting on the market for longer than the market considers “hot” Buyers wonder why it hasn’t sold yet because “everything is selling”.  We offer a monthly analysis that shows how the median days on market and can share with you specifics about your neighborhood and what has been sold recently.

As real estate professionals it’s our job to interpret real-time market data, mitigate your risk as a Seller and negotiate the best possible terms for you to sell your home.

Before we do that, it means that we are offering you a realistic pricing strategy from the start! Again, based in real-time. This is how we will sell your home for the most money  and on your best possible terms. We certainly don’t want to let your house sit on the market for too long and we will show you the strategy to ensure success.

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