8 Staging Tips For a Faster Home Sale

opefully, these 8 tips can help you get ready for the Austin real estate market and sell for top dollar! I have a Seller's list that my clients love.

Selling your Austin home can be an adventure as we continue to move through the pandemic and beyond. It can be a smart and painless adventure or one riddled with hiccups that can be avoided with 8 simple staging tips that don’t have to break your piggy bank.  Like so many things in life, it comes down to fundamentals and preparation. Before selling your home (unless it is being sold as a “knock down builders special”), we will discuss how it will be staged for sale.

My last client hadn’t sold a home in years and was so unhappy when I mapped out our staging plan because once the house was ready for the public showings “it didn’t feel like her”.  No kidding! Chances are none of us are living with magazine finishes every day and your kids, husband or wife, left dishes in the sink and laundry somewhere close to but not exactly in the hamper.

Our goal is to get your home sold quickly!  Why? None of us want our lives disrupted and we want the least number of people aka strangers and their agents walking through when you’re trying to work from home, school/camp from home, workout from home or just plain live without interuption. And, you want to sell your home for top dollar!

So, a good staging plan (and workback schedule) is one of the keys to a good selling experience!   What if selling your home meant you you could net more money in your pocket and have quiet nights and relaxing weekends to barbeque and not worry about laundry being left out or beds being perfectly made every time you leave the house?

If you’re considering listing your house this summer or in early fall here are 8 staging tips:

  1. De-personalize your home.  Buyers need to envision THEIR lives in that space. We set the stage for them. You mentally move out and get to start dreaming about your new life in YOUR new home.
  2. Pack your personal things. See #1
  3. Freshen up  with light colors. The  single biggest impact you can make without spending a fortune is paint! Darker colors make rooms feel smaller. Earth tones tend to be more inviting to buyers. While you may not love this idea update interior walls to lighter wall colors and paint that trim a bright white.
  4. Take advantage of natural light. Let the sun shine in! Take advantage of the longer hours of sunlight and pull back your curtains! Many Buyers want to experience natural lighting. So, do not hesitate to leave those windows open. Nothing beats clean windows and natural light.
  5. Less is More. More is just… clutter.  Remove large or extra furniture. Buyers want more space (not less). It’s time to move contents out for the short-run. (You can move them back in once the house is sold).
  6. Don’t forget light fixtures. Make sure every light fixture works and that every bulb is fresh.  It may seem petty but it can irritate Buyers when lights don’t work. Bright houses sell.
  7. Pets Peeve.  I love animals. I live with animals. When I’m trying to sell your home, odors (like litter boxes or favorite dog blankets) are not a bonus and many people will leave without seeing the property if met at the front door with odors. Short-sighted on the Buyers part perhaps. For you, it is a real consideration if they won’t tour your home. If it’s not too hot, leave windows open to allow fresh air in.
  8. Don’t forget curb appeal and the exterior spaces:  Buyers care about that walk to the front door and the status of your yard. Pre-listing work includes touch-ups, painting your front door, mowing the lawn, planting flowers, weeding, power washing siding and decks, and a fresh coat of stain just to name a few.

Hopefully, these 8 tips can help you get ready for the Austin real estate market and sell for top dollar! I have a Seller’s list that my clients love.  If you have any questions about preparing your Austin home for sale, please don’t hesitate to connect!


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